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Setting the default cable in TEXA

TEXA Off-Highway diagnostic software prompts you to select the default cable for diagnosis. We’ve had a number of customers select the 3151/T16 9 Pin Deutsch cable then have problem performing diagnosis. The 3151/T16 cables has not been sold for several years and even though it is a 9 Pin Deutsch cable TEXA communicates differently over […]

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TEXA Cummins T-50 Truck & Off-Highway 3-Pin Cable

The Cummins T-50 3 Pin cable includes two sets of center pins that need to be changed to match the diagnostic connector on the engine. It’s easy to miss the subtle differences between the two sets of center pins which often results in frustration when the cable won’t connect to the diagnostic port on the […]

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TEXA Agricultural Diagnostic Packages

Starting at $3,210 USD installed on your laptop TEXA’s new Agricultural Equipment packages were well received at the recent Commodity Classic Ag Show in San Antonio Texas. These Ag packages provide diagnostic abilities for most common North American makes like Case, John Deere and New Holland.  Starting at $3,210 USD, the package includes: TEXA Agricultural […]

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TEXA Off-Highway News

A number of changes to TEXA Off-Highway Diagnostic Software for 2020. For Agricultural Equipment owners TEXA now offers an Ag version of the Off-Highway diagnostic software which is 1/2 the price of the full Off-Highway software which includes construction equipment. The Off-Highway Cable Case has a number of new cables for 2020 and a small […]

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TEXA Truck & Off-Highway Updates

Updates to TEXA Truck & Off-Highway Diagnostic Software continue to expand coverage for a greater number of trucks and equipment. Recent updates include: TEXA Truck version 48.2 iAdBlue/DEF component replacement routines. ADAS driver assistance diagnostics. Continued development of dashboards, wiring diagrams and technical data sheets. TEXA Off-Highway version 20 Off-line mode to allow access to […]

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TEXA Truck 47.0.0.a Update

Thanks to the quick work by the TEXA software development team, a patch is available to fix the System Scan issues reported last week in the version 47 major update. Click the Update Check button on the home screen of your TEXA program to download this update. We have validated the patch by performing a […]

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TEXA Truck 47 with Off-Line Mode

Thanks to J-Ball customers for using iSupport to vote for the development of Off-Line Mode for TEXA diagnostic software. TEXA Truck 47 now allows up to 5 activations over a 2 day period, at that time TEXA needs to be connected to the internet to download more activations. Check Off-Line Mode status in two places: […]

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TEXA Pro Tip: Submit iSupport Technical Support Request

iSupport Technical Support is included with every TEXA Diagnostic Software package from J-Ball Electronics. We feel iSupport is a valuable resource, especially as a first time TEXA owner because it provides a way to ask for assistance, report bugs in the software, and request features directly from TEXA’s technical support and software development teams. Toll-free […]

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TEXA Off-Highway version 19.0

Released on March 25, 2019, TEXA Off-Highway version 19.0 continues to add to TEXA’s coverage for all makes of agricultural, construction, forklift & telehandler and industrial engines. Key areas of development include: New category Forklifts & Telehandlers New wiring diagrams and dashboards Continued development of diagnostic tests for a range of makes and models Download […]

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TEXA Pro Tip: Custom Parameter Groups in TEXA Diagnostic Software

TEXA diagnostic software lets you create custom parameter groups to suit the way you want to use the tool. For most engines TEXA has already created parameter groups for All Voltages, All Temperatures, Aftertreatment, etc. to provide logical groupings of parameters for diagnosing all the different systems on modern ECM controlled diesel engines. Create your […]

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