TEXA eTRUCK for Off-Highway Equipment

Remote diagnostics is now available through TEXA eTRUCK for Off-Highway equipment.

The eTRUCK module installs to the diagnostic port of the vehicle and communicates via the Driver app to the TEXA servers. eTRUCK enables two-way communication with the vehicle to provide real time status monitoring, remote diagnostic tests and maintenance operations like resetting fault codes and initiating DPF regeneration.

eTRUCK information is available at three levels:

1. The Equipment Owner

  • Monitor the maintenance status of the vehicle
  • Monitor and train drivers/operators
  • Proactively schedule maintenance routines
  • Download vehicle usage data remotely

2. The Repair Shop

  • Monitor vehicle status and advise your customers
  • Remotely work on electronic systems as though you were there
  • Provide peace of mind through remote troubleshooting of electronic systems
  • Proactive maintenance keeps your customers operating
  • Share your service calendar and allow customers to book service
  • Manage customer and vehicle data in a single location

3. The Driver/Operator

  • Gain access to more vehicle data
  • Complete daily checks via the TEXA app
  • Request assistance from the repair shop
  • Increase uptime through remote troubleshooting/repair
  • View maintenance calendar and schedule service between jobs

Call 1-855-326-8863 for more information and to find out about our Demo eTRUCK kits.