Fuel Economy Tuning

Fuel is one of the largest expenses for diesel burning equipment and rising fuel prices cut into your bottom line. Reduced fuel consumption 5% to 20% with a J-Ball Electronics diesel ECM tune and improve horsepower and torque. Get more work done with fewer RPMs means big diesel savings every day.

Fuel Economy ECM Tuning for Agricultural Machinery

Reduce fuel consumption 5% to 20% while improved power means you can reduce RPMs to do the same work.

Fuel Efficiency ECM Tuning for Construction Equipment

Improve fuel efficiency 5% to 20% and increase power to give you the meaty power needed to dig, load and haul.

Increase Power to run at lower RPM and save fuel.

Increased horsepower and torque gives you the ability to reduce RPMs for 5% to 20% fuel savings.

Diesel ECM Fuel Economy Tuning for Highway Tractors

Save an average of ½ MPG and up to 3 MPG while increasing power means you spend less time grabbing gears.

With 15 years in the ECM tuning business you can count on our experience to safely upgrade your diesel engine’s performance while staying within the optimum operating range of your engine to ensure a long, reliable lifespan for your valuable equipment.

Contact J-Ball Electronics for more information about how our fuel economy ECM tuning can reduce your fuel bill.