ECM Tuning for Trucking/Transportation

Diesel ECM tuning for highway tractors

Increase Horsepower and Torque and Save up to 3 MPG!

J-Ball Electronics has been supporting the trucking industry for 15 years, helping truckers get the truck they deserve and not the one the manufacturer thinks you deserve. Tuning your ECM safely increases horsepower and torque which means you accelerate faster, spend less time grabbing gears and can hold higher gears and lower RPMs up hills.

Upgrading your ECM is the only modification you need to see big savings, no need for turbo, injector, manifold or cam modifications. ECM tuning will reduce your downtime and derates. If you drive in a professional manner (watch your pyrometer and perform regular maintenance) you will see the best gains and experience no problems whatsoever.


Safely access your engine’s hidden power while increasing fuel economy with a custom ECM tune or plug-in power module. The largest gains will be achieved with a custom ECM designed to suit your driving style and loads, or select a plug-in module for instant efficiency gains and the ability to switch between a number of engine maps. Call 1-855-326-8863 for more information on ECM fuel efficiency tuning for your truck.

Fleet Owners

Equip your shop with a laptop with diagnostic software to read ECM programming, adjust parameters, reset fault codes and load custom tunes from J-Ball Electronics. Fleet owners receive volume discounts when tuning multiple ECMs, contact J-Ball Electronics to find out how you can start saving today.

Repair Shops

You already provide mechanical services to your customers, expand your services by providing ECM tuning, fuel mileage upgrades, power upgrades, read engine fault codes, do engine tests and change regular parameter settings such as max speed limit, tire sizes and custom tuning for emission systems. Click here for more information on how to become an Authorized J-Ball Electronics Dealer.

ECM Diagnostic & Tuning Options

There are a number of options for tuning your highway tractor ECMs:

  • ECM Tuning for Fuel Efficiency and Performance
    Tuning your diesel ECM can unlock increased horsepower and torque and improve fuel efficiency. Most ECMs can be tuned online remotely, find out how ECM tuning is done or call 1-855-326-8863 for more information and pricing.
  • Diagnostic Laptop & Software
    Our diagnostic laptop & software kit lets you connect to your equipment’s diagnostic port to troubleshoot fault codes, adjust engine parameters and load custom ECM tunes from our engineers.
  • TuneTap Handheld Programmer
    Connect TuneTap to your equipment’s diagnostic or OBDII port to read/write to your ECM and load custom tunes from our engineers. Store up to 1,000 vehicle programs in the TuneTap so you can service multiple pieces of equipment in the field without the need for a laptop.
  • MyTap Handheld Tuner
    MyTap plugs into your equipment’s diagnostic or OBDII port to read and program your ECM parameters. Up to 10 different tunes can be loaded and selected using the handheld programming console, allowing you to switch between tunes for different applications.
  • Plug-in Power
    Plug-in Power modules come with everything needed to connect to your equipment’s wiring and includes up to 4 present engine map settings and will also allow you to load custom tunes from our engineers.

If it has a diesel engine we can help you diagnose problems and reduce fuel consumption, call 1-855-326-8863 to start saving today.

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