TEXA Special Code Renewal

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, TEXA didn’t work unless it was connected to the internet.

We explained to TEXA that many of our customers work in remote areas so they introduced the Special Code feature to allow for offline use. Special Codes allow TEXA to be used without an internet connection to perform a limited number (5) of tests and resets they deem require a Special Code as identified by the WEBLOCK icon below.

Tests and adjustments are WEBLOCKed if they are related to safety or regulatory settings so speed limit related settings, emission settings, etc.

If you receive a message for SPECIAL CODE that prevents you from running a test or setting change, you need to check the status of your SPECIAL CODE by clicking on the Special Code link in the left menu as shown below.

This screen shows the number of Special Adjustments available (5) and the Expiration Date for the SPECIAL CODE is highlighted in red below.

Note that the time/date of this screenshot is 6:14AM February 27, 2024 and the SPECIAL CODE expires at 1:27PM February 27, 2024.

You must be connected to the internet to Update or Renew the SPECIAL CODE, then click the Update button at the bottom corner of the screen.

After a few seconds the SPECIAL CODE screen will update to show the SPECIAL CODE has been extended by 48 hours.

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