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Electronic Control Module Master Technicians

The J-Ball Story

Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Parts Specialists for over 45 years

J-Ball’s founder Don Jenner has been associated with the trucking industry since 1973 when he was employed by Pacific Diesel Brake (now PACBRAKE) of Vancouver, BC Canada as the outside parts representative. From 1988 to 1998 Don was employed with various truck dealerships and air brake wholesalers. In late 1998 Don started his own used diesel core business selling used truck and diesel engine components to rebuilders. His late son Jeremy worked with Don from 1998 to 2004.

Moving to Mission, BC, J-Ball Electronics was founded. Don’s idea was to recondition and reprogram electronic control modules ECMs.

The Jenners now reside and work in Vernon, BC where the business has grown with the majority of sales to the USA and Canada.

Around the shop

J-Ball Electronics is named in memory of Jeremy William Jenner, born June 25, 1980 – RIP November 21, 2004. J-BALL was Jeremy’s sports nickname.

Jeremy William Jenner

Don W. Jenner