TEXA Operator Entry Selection

With the release of recent versions of TEXA Truck and Off-Highway diagnostic software, a new feature called Operator Entry comes enabled by default which causes a popup message to jump up when starting a diagnostic session. Operator Entry allows the TEXA owner to add the names of the people using TEXA so they can be … Read more

Top 5 TEXA Pro Tips

This video shares our top 5 tips to help TEXA users save time while performing diesel diagnosis and to access hidden information. Check our YouTube channel for more diesel diagnostic training videos.

TEXA Pro Tip: Submit iSupport Technical Support Request

iSupport Technical Support is included with every TEXA Diagnostic Software package from J-Ball Electronics. We feel iSupport is a valuable resource, especially as a first time TEXA owner because it provides a way to ask for assistance, report bugs in the software, and request features directly from TEXA’s technical support and software development teams. Toll-free … Read more

TEXA Pro Tip: Custom Parameter Groups in TEXA Diagnostic Software

TEXA diagnostic software lets you create custom parameter groups to suit the way you want to use the tool. For most engines TEXA has already created parameter groups for All Voltages, All Temperatures, Aftertreatment, etc. to provide logical groupings of parameters for diagnosing all the different systems on modern ECM controlled diesel engines. Create your … Read more