Diagnostic and Tuning Tool Rental

TEXA Diagnostic Scanner Tool Rentals

Try our diagnostic and tuning tools before you buy with our rental tools. The only way to know if something is going to work is to put it to the test, each of our diagnostic and tuning kits comes with the software and cables needed to diagnose or tune your trucks and equipment.

TEXA Free Demo Diagnostic Kit

TEXA Diagnostic Software with Panasonic Rugged Toughbook

Discover the power of TEXA’s multi-brand diagnostic software on a brand new Panasonic CF-54 rugged Toughbook.
TEXA’s software provides top-tier diagnostics including:

  • Identifying fault codes
  • Perform service routines
  • Configure replacement components
  • Adjust and set parameters
  • Perform stationary regens
  • Perform cylinder cut-out tests

Rental Fee: No Charge (2 week rental)
Deposit: $1,500
Freight: $100-200 (depending on location)
Learn more about TEXA Diagnostic Software and Tools.

Diagnostic Laptop Kit Rental Rates

J-Ball Electronics Commercial Truck Diagnostic Kit

Our diagnostic laptop kits come loaded with engine, cab, ABS and transmission diagnostic software for trucks. Custom ECM tuning can be done online for most ECMs, all that’s required is an internet connection while the laptop is connected to your truck’s ECM.
Rental Fee: NO CHARGE
Deposit: $1,500
Freight: $100-200 (depending on location)
Perform ECM tuning with the Diagnostic Laptop Kit and your rental is free.

TuneTap Handheld Tuner Rental Rates

TuneTap Handheld ECM Scan and Programming Tool

Read the ECM on your truck, off-highway or agricultural equipment and send it to J-Ball Electronics for fuel efficiency and horsepower tuning. Our engineers custom tune your ECM calibration to deliver the desired attributes then send the file back to you, using the TuneTap you load the custom tuning back onto your ECM.
Rental Fee: $250 per month
Deposit: $1,500
Freight: $100-200 (depending on location)
Perform ECM tuning with the TuneTap and your rental is free.

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