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TEXA Axone Nemo 12″ Rugged Tablet with Navigator TXTs Diagnostic Scanner

Top-tier multi-brand diagnostics in one package

Tired of purchasing separate diagnostic software and tools for each equipment make? TEXA has developed communication and diagnostic protocols for almost every major manufacturer around the world.
With the same TEXA diagnostic kit you can service your on-highway truck then turn around and work on off-highway construction or agricultural equipment.
Costing less than most OEM “lite” software, TEXA provides top-tier diagnostics including:

  • Identifying fault codes
  • Perform service routines
  • Configure replacement components
  • Adjust and set parameters
  • Perform stationary regens
  • Perform cylinder cut-out tests

What you need

TEXA Kits consist of a tablet or laptop running diagnostic software, Navigator TXTs and cable options to suit your equipment.

The TEXA diagnostic toolset consists of three components:

  1. A laptop or tablet running TEXA diagnostic software
  2. TEXA Navigator TXTs universal diagnostic adapter
  3. Cabling to connect to your vehicle’s diagnostic port


J-Ball Electronics has a range of packages to suit your equipment and application:

  • Your laptop loaded with TEXA Software
    If your laptop meets the minimum requirements we can load TEXA software onto your laptop, provide a Navigator TXTs and cabling to connect to your trucks/equipment.
  • Panasonic Toughbook Package
    A brand new (never refurbished) Panasonic Toughbook, Navigator TXTs and cabling for your truck/equipment gives you the benefits of Toughbook and TEXA in one package.

Check out the list of trucks and equipment TEXA covers and if you’d like to try before you buy look at our TEXA Diagnostic Tool Rental Kits.

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