Fuel Efficiency ECM Tuning for Agriculture

ECM fuel efficiency tuning for agriculture.

Reduce Your Farm’s Fuel Bill

Farming has enough challenges, save 5% to 20% on fuel costs with ECM tuning for your tractor, harvester, sprayer, hay and forage equipment.Equipment manufacturers use one engine across a range of equipment types and have to design their equipment to work anywhere in the world. Custom ECM tuning will make your equipment’s engine work for your specific location, application and operating conditions.

How is it done?
Connecting to your equipment’s ECM through the diagnostic port, engine parameters/mapping is downloaded and saved as a baseline reference point. Our engineers custom tune the mapping tables to adjust fuelling, injector settings, turbo boost pressure, torque limits resulting in increased horsepower and torque.

How will you benefit?
Remapping your ECU/ECM will increase horsepower and torque which allows you to increase ground speed or reduce engine RPMs for the same task, reduces operating temperatures and means your equipment is working more efficiently so it delivers 5% to 20% improved fuel efficiency.

Smart Equipment
In the age of guided farm equipment delivering productivity gains, your tractor’s ECM is still using the stock parameters the manufacturer set to work for all applications. Manufacturers have a difficult task in making one piece of equipment work anywhere in the world resulting in a happy medium engine setting. Take control of your equipment and customize your engine’s performance to suit your specific applications and operations.

ECM Diagnostic & Tuning Options

There are a number of options for tuning your agricultural ECMs:

  • ECM Tuning for Fuel Efficiency and Performance
    Tuning your diesel ECM can unlock increased horsepower and torque and improve fuel efficiency. Most ECMs can be tuned online remotely, find out how ECM tuning is done or call 1-855-326-8863 for more information and pricing.
  • Diagnostic Laptop & Software
    Our diagnostic laptop & software kit lets you connect to your equipment’s diagnostic port to troubleshoot fault codes, adjust engine parameters and load custom ECM tunes from our engineers.
  • TEXA Multi-Brand Diagnostic Software
    You need the ability to repair your equipment on your schedule, TEXA connects to all major equipment manufacturers from around the world to provide a comprehensive diagnostic tool to perform troubleshooting, calibration and important aftertreatment regen and reset functions.

If it has a diesel engine we can help you diagnose problems and reduce fuel consumption, call 1-855-326-8863 to start saving today.

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