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18 Digit Cat Factory Password Clearing Service

J-Ball Electronics is pleased to announce a new service to clear the 18 digit Factory Passwords for Caterpillar Off-Highway equipment. Cat Factory Passwords are often required when clearing codes, changing settings and initiating regeneration.

Call toll-free 1-855-326-8863 during regular business hours; 6am to 4:30pm Pacific, 9am to 7:30pm Eastern, Monday to Friday (and by special appointment outside regular business hours).

Within minutes our technicians will connect to your computer and clear the Cat Factory Passwords so you can complete your diagnosis, configuration changes and regenerations. No more waiting hours, days or even weeks for an expensive callout from your local Cat technician.


  • $250 per factory password
  • $350 per engine serial number/session


  • Cat ET Diagnostic Software (Full Access)
  • Internet connection
  • Dameware Remote Everywhere or Teamviewer remote access software

If you don’t have internet access, text a picture of the Enter Factory Password screen to your technician, they’ll generate the Factory Passwords and text them back to you.

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Closed Monday October 10 for Thanksgiving

J-Ball Electronics will be closed on Monday October 10 for Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s been such a beautiful fall with the warmest temperatures in recent memory and no rain for over a month so everyone is either getting one last camping trip in or doing yardwork before the snow inevitably flies.

We will be open again Tuesday October 11 at 6:00am Pacific (9:00am Eastern) to serve you.

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TEXA HASP Key Replacement

TEXA HASP Keys - HW Security Key for Diagnostic Software

Every TEXA diagnostic software kit comes with a HASP key which must be installed in a USB slot in the laptop/tablet for the TEXA diagnostic software to run. The HASP key must remain installed the entire time TEXA software is being used.

In 2022 TEXA started shipping a Micro USB HASP key which is much smaller than the old/standard HASP key, the Micro USB HASP key reduces the chance of damaging the HASP key, or worse, your laptop/tablet’s motherboard in the event of a fall.

It’s possible to replace your HASP key if it’s damaged or to take advantage of the new Micro USB HASP key.

When you receive the new HASP key it must be inserted into a USB port with the laptop/tablet online so TEXA can remote in to assign your licenses to the new key. This process can take a day or more depending on your time zone relative to TEXA’s time zone.

Benefits for Panasonic Toughbook Users

The Micro USB HASP key allows the USB cover door to be closed on CF-53, CF-54 and FZ-55 Toughbook.

Minor modification is required on the CF-54/FZ-55 Toughbooks, the rubber bumper prevents the door from closing with the modified HASP Key installed. Using a sharp knife or other cutting tool, carefully remove the section of the bumper between the red arrows until the door will close with the HASP Key installed.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-53/CF-54/FZ-55 with the TEXA Micro USB HASP key installed.

Pliers will be required to remove the Micro HASP key once installed, always grab on the corner because grabbing in the middle can bend the key and damage the computer board. The Micro USB HASP key handle must be filed/sanded just short of the metal housing, we typically do this prior to shipping if we know you’re a Panasonic Toughbook users.

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Windows 7 End of Support Notice

As of September 30, 2022 we will no longer be providing support for computers running Windows 7. Microsoft ended support over 2 years ago so it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain functional software.

We are requesting that you upgrade your computer to Windows 10 so that we can continue to offer the best support possible.

Windows 10 Upgrade Options:

  1. FREE – Upgrade to Windows yourself using the Windows 10 Creation Utility. This option may not be available for older computers and your diagnostic software will require repair and relicensing after the upgrade.
  2. $500 ($300 Windows upgrade, $200 shipping) – Send your laptop to J-Ball Electronics for upgrade. Your computer will be upgraded to Windows 10 and you will receive all of the latest versions of diagnostic software you had previously purchased.
  3. +$200 – We have a limited number of loaner laptops should you need one while your computer is in for upgrades, the $200 shipping covers loaner laptop shipping both ways.

SSD & Windows 10 Upgrade for Slow Computers
If your computer is getting slow it would benefit from a new solid state drive (SSD) replacement for the existing hard drive. The SSD upgrade brings new life to old computers, dramatically improving the speed of the computer and reducing startup and data processing times. Cost includes SSD and Windows 10 upgrade and latest versions of diagnostic software you had previously purchased.

  • $700 ($500 – 500GB SSD & Windows 10 upgrade, $200 shipping)
  • $950 ($750 – 1TB SSD & Windows 10 upgrade, $200 shipping)

New Panasonic FZ-55 Toughbook
If your laptop is too old or beat-up, we always have new Panasonic FZ-55 Toughbook laptops in stock and loaded with diagnostic software. The FZ-55 comes with a 3 year warranty and the latest versions of diagnostic software you had previously purchased.

  • $3200 ($3000 laptop, $200 shipping)

Please call 1-855-326-8863 for more information.

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Caterpillar C7.1 DPF & SCR Tuning

Cat C7.1 tuning for DPF and SCR troubleshooting.

Cat C7.1 engines are found in a large range of off-highway agricultural, construction, forestry and specialty equipment including Chippers/Grinders, Combines/Harvesters, Compactors/Rollers, Compressors, Cranes, Crushers, Feller Bunchers, Forklifts, Hydraulic Power Units, Irrigation Equipment, Loaders/Forwarders, Material Handling, Mining, Paving Equipment, Pumps, Skidders, Sprayers, Sweepers, Trenchers and Underground Mining Equipment.

Call J-Ball Electronics toll-free at 1-855-326-8863 for more information.