Diesel Diagnostic Software, ECM Tuning and Remapping Tools

Diagnostics/Tuning for Multiple Vehicles

The ability to diagnose, adjust parameters and load custom horsepower and economy tuning can save thousands of dollars per year per truck or piece of equipment in your fleet. J-Ball Electronics has a range of diesel ECM diagnostic, tuning and remapping tools.

Diagnostic Laptops & Software
Quickly diagnose problems, adjust parameters and reset fault codes.
TuneTap Handheld Programmer
A simple yet powerful handheld ECM programmer you can take to the field.
ProTune Station Programmer
The ultimate tuning tool, advanced ECM programming for all vehicles/equipment.

Tuning for One Vehicle

For owner/operators looking to read configuration data and load custom ECM programming for their truck or equipment. Both MyTap Handheld Tuner and Plug-In Power come with a handheld programming console so you can quickly and easily select one of multiple different ECM programs/maps to adjust performance and fuel efficiency.

MyTap Handheld Tuner
Vehicle specific reading and programming tool lets you select from up to 10 ECM calibrations.
Plug-In Power ECM Tuning ModulesPlug-In Power
Easy plug and play installation and the ability to select from up to four calibration modes.