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TEXA Great for Rental Equipment Fleets
May 12, 2020
Ollie from J-Ball came into our shop at the appropriate time; we were looking for diagnostic software for our fleet. We needed software that would work on all our different makes of rental equipment. The TEXA Off-Highway software we purchased has basically eliminated our need for OEM software. TEXA software is easy to use and allows us to perform regens across all makes. The technical support is just a phone call away, though I’ve found the software easy to work with and haven’t had to call for help yet. Thanks Ollie, your timing was great.
Shelden Ladoski
Warner Rentals Kamloops

TEXA Demanded by Trades School Students
May 8, 2020
We recently bought 2 TEXA software kits and adaptors to use in our training facility. We heard of J-Ball Electronics several years ago when we were looking at purchasing a new scan tool. At that time, we did not have much history or experience with J-Ball so we resorted to buying a different scan tool. Since then we’ve had more and more students coming to our facility, telling us that all they use is TEXA software and that they are not familiar with our scan tool.
When our budget was released for the 2019 fiscal year we had budgeted two new scan tools, we reached out to Ollie and he brought us a TEXA demo unit. Right from the start we had a great experience, Ollie delivered the demo unit as promised, provided a quick overview then left it for us to use for a few weeks. Right away, we felt comfortable with this tool, it took no time at all to get used to the functionality of the software and it works very well with all different types of equipment.
A major selling point to us was that it is capable or scanning John Deere Equipment, up until now our training engine was not usable for any electronic training. We went on to order 2 units, when these units got delivered J-Ball tech support was amazing in getting us installed and activated. One Comm adaptor was faulty and we struggled with this for some time, however with their amazing team at J-Ball we were up and running in no time.
Doug Noble – Instructor
Motor Vehicle Trades Dept.
OK College – Kelowna

Diagnostic Support from Fire Trucks to Lawn Mowers
May 6, 2020
Ollie with J-Ball Electronics introduced us at just the right time. We needed Diagnostic Software that would work on all our various pieces of equipment. J-Ball gave us a TEXA Demo unit to try for a month and as result we purchased the Texa Highway & Off-Highway Diagnostic software for maintaining our equipment. We have found that the Texa software has been great for the maintenance and performance of almost all of our equipment from fire trucks to lawn mowers.
J-Ball’s technical support has been excellent as they are always willing and able to go on TeamViewer to help with a tutorial or just help as navigate the software. Thanks Ollie for coming by our shop and assisting us in buying this Texa Software.
Henry Toopitsin
City of Vernon Maintenance

Truck Diagnostic Software and Support
May 4, 2020
Emcon has purchased 30 Panasonic CF-54 Computers & Texa Highway Software from J-Ball Electronics in the last 2 years. This software is excellent for diagnostic servicing and maintenance of our equipment. We are very satisfied with the technical support and the availability of training provided by the J-Ball technicians. Keep up the GOOD work.
Norm Porterfield
Emcon Services Inc

TEXA Support
April 27, 2020
I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for all your support with our Texa kit. I am not usually one to need help when it comes to computers and diagnostic stuff so when a problem comes up, it is usually a pretty high level issue. The original dealer we used was never able to help with anything but since we transferred over to you and your team, the support has been night and day. Your people dive right in and get the issue resolved in real time while my tech is on site and get us sorted out asap. Your people know the machines too. We spent more money buying useless cables from the other guys (very large, US dealer) based on what they said we needed for a machine (cables now collecting dust) vs the amount of money we spent buying the right cables from you guys.
Leavitt Machinery

Top Notch Service
June 26, 2019
After purchase support is top notch!! Keep up the good work.

Product and Support
June 26, 2019
Very good product and excellent support. Technicians are very helpful each and every time we call.

Top Notch Service
June 26, 2019
After purchase support is top notch!! Keep up the good work.

Professional Service
June 26, 2019
Just purchased a new diagnostic system from J-Ball and it’s doing great! Blayne was very helpful in the purchase and answered all our questions professionally. Look forward to doing more business with them.
Jones Oil Company

Great Customer Service
June 25, 2019
The staff at J-Ball is always willing to help out. We genuinely appreciate the help and look forward to doing business again soon.

We Got the Truck Back!
January 22, 2019
I have a 2010 Pete with C-15 motor. The ECM failed so we had to replace it and we had J-Ball load the programming. My brother drives the truck, he has over 20 years doing the same run and was complaining the truck wasn’t the same as before. We called J-Ball, Jeremiah asked a few questions and in no time he reprogramming the truck. On the next run my brother called me and said, WE GOT THE TRUCK BACK just like before or better that was nice to hear. THANKS J-BALL FOR GETTING MY TRUCK BACK!!!

Remarkable RV Mileage
June 14, 2018
Thank you for doing the upgrade on the Cat C13 ECM in my 2008 Country Coach Motorhome. There is a remarkable increase in fuel mileage, from 5.1 MPG to 7.3 MPG (US), also a significant increase in power.
Thanks again for a great job.

Seeing is believing
March 27, 2018
I haul loaded grain trains from Alberta and head back empty. Since your tune I’ve picked up 7-10km/h on all the hills up to a 8-9% grade and fuel economy is climbing up into the mid 6’s. One round trip I saved $185, at this rate I’ll pay for the tune in no time.
Thank you for making trucking fun again!

I was ready to quit
November 9, 2017
Just wanted to email you guys to thank you. I had the programming done on my 08 Caterpillar C 15 and the results were incredible. The truck stopped breaking down with regen issues, the performance increased and mileage went from 5.3 to 6.4 miles to the gallon. I know it sounds unbelievable but it’s true, the truck runs so much better and the best part is it paid for itself in fuel savings within the first three months.
I was actually thinking about getting out of the business because all of my motor problems. I did the reprogram two years ago and it changed everything, thanks again for a great product!
Thank you – Jerry

I’m running with the big 500’s!
July 13, 2017

You all did my computer on my 3176b, everything works great. I am getting around 8 ta 13 mph and that little 300 cat hangs right with the big 500’s. I cant out run them but they can’t leave me behind neither. I damn near can out pull’em on hills… Still looking to maybe swap it out for a c-12 and you will be my first call for sure, cant wait to see what you can do with that!!
You guys rock!
Jeremiah B. Ohio, USA

Hands down best performance from any engine I have ever driven
September 28, 2016

I bought a used KW T660 and first thing I did was J-Ball tuning. The sound, the feel, everything is 110% better on this truck. Went from 450 HP to 550HP. Took 78K lbs from SLC, UT to Midwest I got 7.5 mpg average and thru the 8% grades on i-80 truck was pulling at 40-45mph with almost 80k lbs. Awesome tuning guys.
If I knew the performance and fuel average was gonna be this good I wish I had gotten a W900 icon. Haha
Thank you
Greg B. Utah, USA

Reply from a client after we programmed his Caterpillar  3406E ECM to 600HP / 2050lbs torque

We got that ECM late Friday and put it in Saturday morning right before the pull. Totally changed the truck. Here is a pic of the plaques it got, first place both days. There was 6-7 trucks in the class both days, one was a purpose built pulling truck with a mechanical Cat running propane injection, Sunday that truck pulled 360 feet, our Pete with your ECM pulled 472  feet.
Thank you,
Rick Palmer Trucking
Truck Pull Trophies

Recent email conversation with happy J-Ball customer:
July 28, 2014
J-Ball Fuel Mileage Testimonial
My name is Robert and I own a 2009 386 Pete with a Cummins powerplant. I sent you a pic of my onboard readout so you can see how well your tuning is working for me, thanks so much again!
J-Ball Reply:
Hi Robert,
Is that for real? What is your GVW? How can it be 9 MPGs?
J-Ball Electronics Custom Diesel Tuning
Robert’s reply:
Like I said, seeing is believing, that’s what my onboard info center is showing me! And my fuel bill never goes over $1,000 any more unless I’m continuously in the mountains.
Just drove back roads for 88 miles from Lancaster NY to north east PA and here is my current fuel economy.

Happy Customers and Improved Mileage
March 6, 2014
All the customers that we have done the tuning for have been very happy and having much better performing trucks. Fuel mileage is up on all of them as well. Thanks for providing good products and service.
Certified Truck
Geneva, Nebraska

Better Performance and Fuel Economy
March 5, 2014
We are pleased to inform that our customers are very happy with the performance and fuel economy of their trucks. We enjoy having the opportunity to help our customers. Thanks a bunch for your help!
Triple A Diesel Service
Odessa, Texas

Fixing a Previous Tune
January 15, 2014
We wanted to thank you for helping fix an engine that your competition tuned for us that resulted in us not only getting worse power… but the tune created a Miles Per Gallon total of 1MPG? We were about to have the truck parted out because no one could help us with the power or fuel economy. We found you through word of mouth and when you returned our ISX CM871 series engine, we were very impressed with the engine and turbo (34lbs PSI) performance. Not only did the engine run great but we now get an unimaginable 8MPG!
Thanks J-Ball Electronics!
Oceanside Industrial
Courtney, BC

RE: ECM Upgrade
October 7, 2013
Letting you know my Cat is still running well. I have 1,140,000 miles on the engine and have never overhauled it. I can’t see much difference in the power but there is more response and the engine runs easier with better fuel mileage. Good upgrade from 435 to 550 hp. Very happy with the power, the ECM was money well spent.
Thank you,
LRB Trucking, Texas

RE: ISX Update
May 4, 2013
I was driving our retuned ISX trucks following one of our stock C15 kenworths, we came to a large hill on the highway and both of us put the hammer down. The Cat powered truck stopped gaining speed at 73 mph and the retuned ISX truck I was driving kept on pulling, I let off at 85 mph only because I was catching up to the other truck too quickly. We were both empty. Loaded we pulled another hill, starting at the same speed and the Cat truck lost 7 mph while the retuned ISX only lost 2 mph. Definitely a huge improvement!
Noble Excavating, Inc.

December 5, 2011
Hi Don,
The way your tuning is better than the competition and it far and away out performs the truck I had done by one of your competitors. The truck pulls like a freight train and my mileage went up almost 2 mpgs!!
Thanks a lot,

From 3.5 MPG to 9.2 MPG!
May 15, 2011
Dear J-Ball Electronics,
I’m very pleased with this new ECM I recently purchased. My truck runs great with very good power and torque. Here is a look at my new fuel mileage. My mileage before this change was 3.5MPG – terrible!
Thanks again!
Mike Broughton
Broughton Trucking
Vehicle Diagnostic Report

April 29, 2011
I need an ECM for my cat 3126b, 8YL76938, it has Allison auto trans with 189000 on it.
– After the sale here’s the response –
We put the new ECM in tonight and WOW the truck sounds and runs way better. I do thank you very much for the quick service and help. I was wondering If you could tell me if the ECM was going bad or not when I send it back? I do know now that the truck is quieter and runs like a new truck. I definitely made a good decision doing the ECM. It has some get up and go… instead of get up and go slow. It seems it will be a pleasure to drive now instead of someone dreading to take it out. I was a bit skeptical on how much a difference it would make, but I am very impressed now.
Thank you again,

April 7, 2011
I have recently had a conversation with Gary C. who I believe lives in Indiana.  He was very enthusiastically letting me know about your work with ECM’s, in particular the one on his 97 pete. He says it brought his mpg from 5.9 to 6.9. Please contact me on my cell at your convenience. We have 18 trucks.
Mike L.
Louisville, Ky

May 15, 2010
“Hi, it’s been a long time since we spoke. I was not running for a while, then my truck went down, then the clutch went so here I am running good. I had to reprogram some of the things that were off. We just read the old ECM, they said that engine wouldn’t run full horsepower and torque at that time. Well, I’ve been running about 4,000 miles now and I can’t be sure but I know it is running good. When a truck goes around me they are with a light load or empty. I can stay with the fancy trucks so I had to add some chrome so as to not embarrass them so bad. I am impressed with it, if it isn’t a 550HP I would be surprised. My fuel mileasge went up after I had the engine work done. I thought I would let you know.”
Thank you,

March 17, 2010
Well I have had the ECM on the truck for over a week now and all I have to say is holly crap, what a big jump. I was making 3.5 – 3.6 in fuel miles and dogging down the road,  now she runs out good can’t believe the power difference. As for the fuel, I jumped to a 4.733 and today made 4.912 there was no wind today, but it stays around the 4.7 to 4.9 so thank you. At first i thought this isn’t going to work but it has and you were up front with me so thank you again. I’m looking at two more trucks to buy so I’ll be calling you again – thanks.
Jon Baisch
JS Baisch Trucking
Dickinson ND USA

November 24, 2009
Hi Don, I am very happy with the ECM on my N-14 cummins. I have no more problems with fault codes, and the truck is running smoother than ever. I tell everyone I know about your services, thanks again.
Rick VanDerguten

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