Commercial Truck 5 Axle Wheel Alignment Tool

UPDATE November 2019 – Manatec Jumbo 3D is now able to align 6 axles in a single setup.

The Manatec Jumbo 3D Super Commercial Truck Wheel Alignment Tool allows for multi-axle alignment of buses and trucks up to 5 axles in a single setup.

The Manatec Jumbo 3D 5 Axle Commercial Vehicle Alignment System accurately aligns commercial vehicles faster than any other product on the market.

The benefits of proper wheel alignment for commercial trucks includes:

  • Reduced tire wear
  • Decreased fuel consumption
  • Reduced component wear
  • Improved handling

Jumbo 3D uses an innovative quad camera system for data acquisition from the wheel targets for fast, accurate alignment up to 5 axles. Being able to capture 5 axles at once means you don’t need to set up the alignment tools multiple times like other wheel alignment systems that can only perform alignment on 1 or 2 axles per setup.

Perform alignments on trucks with twin steering axles, tri-drive, drop axles and tag axles. Any configuration up to 5 axles can be aligned in a single operation.

Out of the box Jumbo 3D will align everything from pickup trucks to commercial trucks and trailers and has an optional smaller wheel target kit to work on passenger vehicles.

Watch the video that shows alignment of a twin-steer truck and a 3 axle bus.

How it works

  1. Drive the truck into the alignment bay, placing the steering axle(s) on the rotary plates.
  2. Place the wheel brackets and targets on each wheel/axle to be aligned.
  3. Start the alignment process by selecting the axle configuration of the truck.
  4. Drive the truck forward and backward.
  5. Turn the steering wheel left and right.
  6. The alignment results are displayed on screen and as a printout for the customer.
  7. Leave the wheel brackets and targets on the wheels while performing the alignment, Jumbo 3d provides real-time alignment information as you make the adjustments on the vehicle.

The Jumbo 3D camera towers and PC monitor console install at one end of your shop and the turning plates can be lifted when not in use leaving your bay free for use for other types of mechanical work when not performing alignments. The camera towers can placed further apart to work in drive-through bays (when spaced for drive-through bays it is only possible to align commercial trucks).

Download the Manatec Jumbo 3D Super Commercial Truck Wheel Alignment Tool Brochure – PDF

What’s included

Standard Accessories:

  • 1 – PC console with keyboard, mouse and dual 21.5″ LED monitors
  • 1 – Truck alignment & data management software
  • 1 – Remote
  • 10 – Wheel brackets (12″-24″)
  • 10 – Target plates
  • 4 – Rotary plates (7 ton)
  • 1 – Steering lock
  • 1 – Brake pedal lock HCV
  • 1 – Brake pedal lock LCV
  • 40 – Adaptor for rim locking pins
  • 4 – Target stands
  • 1 – Single axle adjuster
  • 2 – Wheel stoppers

Optional Accessories:

  • Wheel targets for 6th axle
  • 40 – Wheel bracket extension adapters
  • 1 – Frame offset gauge
  • 1 – Tire diameter gauge
  • 1 – Printer
  • 1 – 4 shaft calibration kit
  • 1 – Complete alignment tool kit with specialty tools, shims, wedges, rolling tool box, 12 ton air/hydraulic floor jack

Car Kit:

  • 16 – Rim locking pins for runflat tires and alloy wheels
  • 16 – Rim locking pins for standard and steel wheels
  • 1 – Car alignment and vehicle data software
  • 4 – Front target plate extension

Need More Information

Call toll-free 1-855-326-8863 for more information, financing options available.

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