18 Digit Cat Factory Password Clearing Service

J-Ball Electronics is pleased to announce a new service to clear the 18 digit Factory Passwords for Caterpillar Off-Highway equipment. Cat Factory Passwords are often required when clearing codes, changing settings and initiating regeneration.

Call toll-free 1-855-326-8863 during regular business hours; 6am to 4:30pm Pacific, 9am to 7:30pm Eastern, Monday to Friday (and by special appointment outside regular business hours).

Within minutes our technicians will connect to your computer and clear the Cat Factory Passwords so you can complete your diagnosis, configuration changes and regenerations. No more waiting hours, days or even weeks for an expensive callout from your local Cat technician.


  • $250 per factory password
  • $350 per engine serial number/session


  • Cat ET Diagnostic Software (Full Access)
  • Internet connection
  • Dameware Remote Everywhere or Teamviewer remote access software

If you don’t have internet access, text a picture of the Enter Factory Password screen to your technician, they’ll generate the Factory Passwords and text them back to you.

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