Marine Diesel ECM Tuning

Marine diesel ECM engine tuning for fuel efficiency

Improve Performance and Reduce Fuel Consumption

ECM tuning your marine diesel engine will safely increase horsepower and torque resulting in improved responsiveness and reduced fuel consumption.

Updated ECMs typically return 5% to 20% in fuel efficiency and both horsepower and torque gains up to 20%. Our engineers tune your ECM (also called remapping or chipping) by connecting to your engine remotely or through the diagnostic port with special software to read your factory settings then modify the mapping tables to deliver the performance needed to suit your vessel and application.

The completed tune is then reloaded onto your ECM where a number of validation tests are performed. A copy of your original configuration is safely stored and can be reloaded if you need to go back to original equipment specifications.


Improve horsepower and torque and reduce fuel consumption with a custom fuel efficiency tune or Plug-In Power module. Diagnose and fix problems with our Laptop and Diagnostic Software package.

Fleet/Business Owners

Improving fuel efficiency across multiple vessels can result in big fuel savings. Equip your maintenance staff with a Diagnostic Laptop & Software to read and adjust engine parameters and reset fault codes as well as load custom tunes from J-Ball Electronics. Fleet owners receive volume discounts when tuning multiple ECMs, contact J-Ball Electronics to find out how you can start saving today.

ECM Diagnostic & Tuning Options

There are a number of options for tuning marine diesel ECMs:

  • ECM Tuning for Fuel Efficiency and Performance
    Tuning your diesel ECM can unlock increased horsepower and torque and improve fuel efficiency. Most ECMs can be tuned online remotely, find out how ECM tuning is done or call 1-855-326-8863 for more information and pricing.
  • Diagnostic Laptop & Software
    Our diagnostic laptop & software kit lets you connect to your equipment’s diagnostic port to troubleshoot fault codes, adjust engine parameters and load custom ECM tunes from our engineers.
  • TEXA Diagnostic Software
    Dealer level diagnostic tools for all brands of marine engines. Troubleshoot, reset fault codes, perform tests and calibrate replacement components.

If it has a diesel engine we can help you diagnose problems and reduce fuel consumption, call 1-855-326-8863 to start saving today.

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