Managing Software Updates in TEXA

It’s important to know how to manage TEXA software updates to ensure you have the latest coverage for vehicles, save time and frustration. We recommend checking for updates from your home, office or shop wifi once every week or two. This is especially important for mobile or remote workers so you’re not relying on your phone’s hotspot to check for updates.

Each new TEXA Diagnostic Kit includes 12 months of software updates developed by TEXA’s team of software engineers. Software updates add diagnostic tests for new vehicles, new features and features requested by TEXA users and bug fixes.

TEXA diagnostic software is different than many other diagnostic tools, you don’t need an active software update subscription for the tool to function. Many customers will run for months or even years after the 12 month software update subscription has expired before they encounter a vehicle they can’t connect to. When you renew your software update subscription you receive 12 months of updates and all updates since your last subscription for one fixed annual subscription fee.

For more information and technical support for TEXA call 1-855-326-8863.

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