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Highway Maintenance Contractors

Highway maintenance contractors are tirelessly working to keep roads clear and safe through the winter months.
Winter weather means busy times for highway maintenance contractors. These highway heroes work around the clock clearing snow from streets and highways to keep our economy rolling, to get little Jane and Jimmy safely to school and ensure your Amazon delivery arrives on time.
The most common issue we help mechanics with at this time of year is troubleshooting emission system related faults due to idling and cold temperatures. Winter operation means an increased need for DPF regeneration and poor performance of DEF/SCR systems when plow truck operators aren’t able to achieve and maintain high emission system temperatures. Companies have anti-idling policies, use the idle shutdown timers and schedule shifts and operations to avoid idling conditions but the unpredictable nature of work often means trucks are waiting at avalanche road closures, traffic accidents and when refilling with gravel/salt.
TEXA IDC5 and Quick Service give mechanics the ability to diagnose emission system faults, force DPF regeneration and perform SCR efficiency tests, getting trucks back out clearing snow. TEXA eTRUCK enables remote diagnostic access and DPF regeneration so troubleshooting can be performed on the truck anywhere with cellular service.
TEXA multi-brand diagnostic tools are an excellent choice for companies with a diverse range of truck and equipment makes as it’s able to connect to all major truck, equipment and engine makes. Save thousands vs buying software and diagnostic tools for each make, TEXA connects to perform standard diagnostic tests, adjust parameters and settings and troubleshoot diesel emission system faults across all major brands.
Companies like Emcon Services rely on TEXA Diagnostic Software, technical support and training from J-Ball Electronics to keep their plow truck fleets operational.
Call J-Ball Electronics toll-free 1-855-326-8863 or email [email protected] to find out how TEXA diagnostic tools and our knowledgeable tech support staff can help keep your fleet rolling.

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Using TEXA Quick Service on J1708 Trucks

TEXA Quick Service is a cost effective tool for performing diagnostic tests and service routines for commercial trucks.
The Quick Service kit comes with a 8″ rugged tablet, a Pelican case with custom cutouts, the TEXA Navigator TXTs, and OBDII and 9 Pin Deutsch cables. If you have trucks with 6 Pin Deutsch diagnostic ports we can swap out the 9 Pin Deutsch to OBDII cable (TEXA part number 3905786) for the North American Truck Cable (TEXA part number 3906978).
Quick Service can connect to older trucks/ECMs that use the J1708 protocol

TEXA Quick Service using 6 Pin Deutsch to connect to Cummins Celect Plus ECM

Quick Service will connect using the 6 Pin Deutsch cable to Cummins Celect and Celect Plus ECMs on the truck and on the bench. Diagnostic tests include: Cylinder cut-off, Engine state monitoring, Error clearing and Reading speed limiter.

Quick Service kits are available through our Demo Program. A 2 week demo is free of charge with a $1,500 security deposit and $100-200 overnight shipping. Call 1-855-326-8863 today for more information and to join the Quick Service Demo Program.

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Tigercat FPT Tier 4 DPF Regeneration

This morning we connected to a customer’s new TEXA to help initiate a DPF regeneration on a Tigercat with a Tier 4 Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) engine.

Tigercat FPT DPF Regeneration in TEXA Diagnostic Software

DPF regeneration is one of the key features mechanics are looking for in a diagnostic diesel laptop due to the number of issues caused by clogged DPF filters. In addition to a suite of dealer level diagnostic tests, TEXA is available to perform parked DPF regen on most trucks and equipment. The DPF regeneration dashboard is one of the updates in TEXA Off-Highway diagnostic software version 18 that improves the information displayed during the regeneration process.

If you’d like to try the award winning heavy duty diagnostic scan tool, we have fully functional TEXA Demo Kits. The Demo Kit comes with diagnostic software and cables for commercial trucks, construction / agricultural / logging equipment.

Receive customized on-demand training, toll-free technical support and all TEXA Demo Kit rental fees are applied to subsequent TEXA purchases.

Call 1-855-326-8863 or email [email protected] for more information.