Managing Software Updates in TEXA

It’s important to know how to manage TEXA software updates to ensure you have the latest coverage for vehicles, save time and frustration. We recommend checking for updates from your home, office or shop wifi once every week or two. This is especially important for mobile or remote workers so you’re not relying on your … Read more

Using TEXA Quick Service on J1708 Trucks

TEXA Quick Service is a cost effective tool for performing diagnostic tests and service routines for commercial trucks. The Quick Service kit comes with a 8″ rugged tablet, a Pelican case with custom cutouts, the TEXA Navigator TXTs, and OBDII and 9 Pin Deutsch cables. If you have trucks with 6 Pin Deutsch diagnostic ports … Read more

Commercial Tire Prices Going Up – How is Your Alignment?

Bridgestone, Cooper, Goodyear, Kumho Tire and Michelin have announced commercial truck tire price increases between 3-10% to go into effect by year end. Representatives for the companies cite increased costs for oil and other raw materials used in the production of synthetic rubber for the price increase. Annual tire expenses average $1,000 to $4,000 for … Read more

Beware of Nexiq USB-Link 2 Clones

Not All Nexiq USB-Link 2 Devices Are Created Equal A customer was having trouble getting their new Nexiq to connect to trucks and their diagnostic software. While troubleshooting the problem with our customer they explained they had purchased a second Nexiq USB-Link 2 online so they could work on more trucks but this new Nexiq … Read more

IDC5 Truck, Quick Service or eTRUCK?

TEXA makes diagnostic tools for owner/operators, fleet/business owners and repair shops. Providing a range of top-tier diagnostic tests, cost-effective maintenance tools and innovative 24/7 remote diagnostic/monitoring solutions, which tool is right for you? IDC5 Diagnostic Software Scanner & Tool Kits Multi-brand diagnostic software rivalling dealer and OEM software, IDC5 is loaded with advanced diagnostic features … Read more

WABCO eTrailer Electric Trailer Propulsion and Braking

Much attention has focused on autonomous trucks, truck platooning and electrification of trucking but what about the trailer? WABCO’s eTrailer uses an electric motor to provide propulsion and regenerative braking to recharge batteries on the trailer to improve fuel efficiency 20% on short hauls, 10% on long hauls. Previous fuel efficiency efforts for transport trailers … Read more

Subscriptions, The Hidden Costs of Diagnostic Tools

A shop or mobile mechanic is only as good as their diagnostic scan tool on today‚Äôs ECM controlled trucks and equipment. Shopping for a diesel diagnostic scan tool can be a time-consuming process because of the large range of tools on the market, each with their own hardware and cable options and license types. Annual … Read more

TEXA Off-Highway Diagnostic Cables

TEXA Off-Highway diagnostic software connects to construction, agricultural, crane and container equipment and industrial engines for almost every equipment manufacturer around the globe to perform diagnostic tests, adjusting settings and performing activations of diesel exhaust components. The Off-Highway Cable Case includes the most commonly used cables in one convenient and easy to carry case, including: … Read more

Detroit Diesel DD ECM and Controller Locations

Click image to enlarge Detroit Diesel DD ECMs can’t be programmed online so your MCM, ACM and CPC must be sent to J-Ball Electronics. To ensure the fastest turnaround we’ve created this article to help you locate and identify the three components you need to courier to us: MCM (Motor Control Module) – will be … Read more