TEXA Pro Tip: Submit iSupport Technical Support Request

iSupport Technical Support is included with every TEXA Diagnostic Software package from J-Ball Electronics. We feel iSupport is a valuable resource, especially as a first time TEXA owner because it provides a way to ask for assistance, report bugs in the software, and request features directly from TEXA’s technical support and software development teams.

Toll-free technical support is always available from J-Ball Electronics but sometimes there are issues where we need assistance so we use iSupport to escalate the issue to TEXA.

TEXA iSupport Icon

When in a diagnostic test look for the iSupport icon (orange alert icon inside a dialog box along the top bar of the screen), clicking the iSupport icon will pop a couple messages onto the screen to explain the steps in the process.

The first dialog informs you iSupport will perform a recording to send to TEXA.

First message to appear tells you iSupport allows you to record what you’re seeing onscreen so it may be sent to TEXA for the purpose of improving the product. Be aware you can only submit an iSupport ticket if you are using the latest version of TEXA so check for updates prior to launching an iSupport request.

The next message tells you the diagnosis must be restarted to perform the recording. When you click the green checkmark TEXA will automatically close your current diagnosis and restart it.

The Self-diagnosis text in the top right corner of the screen turns red when recording what you see onscreen for sending to iSupport.

When submitting a recording to iSupport you want to perform all the tasks or routines onscreen that are relevant to the issue you are seeking assistance with.

If you are trying to show that a certain parameter isn’t available or is incorrect, go to the screen where the parameter is listed and show it onscreen so it is recorded.

If you are encountering an error in diagnosis, perform the diagnosis to show the error you’ve encountered.

Once you’ve recorded everything you want show to TEXA, click the red X in the top right corner to close the diagnosis (and say yes to ending communication with the control unit) to transfer the recording to iSupport.

When the recording has been transferred successfully, click the orange iSupport button (bottom left circled) to go to the final step or you may abandon the iSupport request by clicking the red X in the bottom right corner.

The final step is to enter some information about the vehicle you’re working on including the Year and VIN (if the vehicle has a short VIN TEXA will prompt you to enter more characters, you may fill the required number of characters with 000000 or 111111).

You may include attachments and you need to select the most appropriate “Type of failure” then enter a description of the issue. The more detailed information you provide to describe the issue will help TEXA Technical Support respond with appropriate solutions.

Click the Continue button then enter your email address to receive notification when TEXA responds.

Remember you can always call J-Ball Electronics toll-free at 1-855-326-8863 for assistance with TEXA.