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Caterpillar C7.1 DPF & SCR Tuning

Cat C7.1 tuning for DPF and SCR troubleshooting.

Cat C7.1 engines are found in a large range of off-highway agricultural, construction, forestry and specialty equipment including Chippers/Grinders, Combines/Harvesters, Compactors/Rollers, Compressors, Cranes, Crushers, Feller Bunchers, Forklifts, Hydraulic Power Units, Irrigation Equipment, Loaders/Forwarders, Material Handling, Mining, Paving Equipment, Pumps, Skidders, Sprayers, Sweepers, Trenchers and Underground Mining Equipment.

Call J-Ball Electronics toll-free at 1-855-326-8863 for more information.

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Tuning for Kubota DPF Engines

Kubota engines are a cornerstone of small and medium equipment applications for brands from around the globe. Kubota engines power backhoe loaders, compact track loaders, excavators, farm tractors, generators, pumps, skid steers, tracked carriers, welders, wheel loaders and more.

DPF Tuning is available for D1803/V2403/V2607/V3307/V3800/V6108 engines to improve reliability. 

Call 1-855-326-8863 for more information about tuning Kubota engines and other Off-Highway engines we cover. 

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Scania Tier 4 Interim & Final Tuning

Scania Tier4 Interim & Final Tuning for Off-Highway Applications

Industry demands reliability, there’s no time for ongoing problems with temperamental emission systems. Scania DC9, DC13 and DC16 engines are found in a growing number of applications including excavators, articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders and aggregate processing equipment.

Call 1-855-326-8863 for more information about tuning Scania engines and to find out about all the Off-Highway engines we cover. 

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Komatsu/Cummins Off-Highway Tuning

Tuning is available for Komatsu Construction Equipment with Komatsu/Cummins engines in excavators, dozers, articulated dump trucks and graders.

Emission troubleshooting tuning is available for EGR/DPF and EGR/DPF/SCR equipped construction machines.

Call 1-855-326-8863 for more information about tuning Komatsu construction equipment and to find out about all the Off-Highway engines we cover.

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Cat C4.4 / Perkins 1204F Tier 4 Final Tuning

Cat C4.4 / Perkins 1204F Tier 4 Final DEF only engines power a large range of equipment from Caterpillar, Hyundai, Doosan, McCloskey and over 800 other models of Off-Highway equipment.

The Cat C4.4 / Perkins 1204F Tier 4 Final engine comes in a wide variety of off-highway equipment from Caterpillar and other brands including Doosan, Hyundai, McCloskey and over 800 different models of equipment.

Tier 4 Final DEF only engines deliver improved fuel efficient and do not have a DPF requiring regeneration. Many engine manufacturers are moving away from DPF solutions wherever possible to reduce maintenance requirements and due to so many customers having DPF related problems.

DEF only emission systems are not without problems though, we regularly see problems with NOx sensors, DEF Pumps, DEF quality codes and problems due to contaminated, expired or frozen DEF.

We have a diagnostic tuning solution to resolve the aftertreatment faults related to Tier 4 Final DEF Cat C4.4 and Perkins 1204F engines. Call 1-855-326-8863 for more information about this engine and to find out about all the Off-Highway engines we cover. 

A partial list of equipment with Cat C4.4 / Perkins 1204F T4F engines:

  • Caterpillar Wheel Loaders
    • 910M
    • 914M
    • 918M
  • Caterpillar Pavers
    • AP500F 
    • AP655F 
  • Caterpillar Backhoe Loader
    • 432F2 
    • 434F2 
    • 444F2 
  • Caterpillar Pipelayers
    • PL61 
  • Caterpillar Dozers
    • D3K2 
    • D3K2 
    • D4K2 
    • D5K2 
    • D6K2
  • Caterpillar Wheel Excavators
    • M323F 
    • M314F (2017) 
    • M315F (2017) 
    • M316F (2017) 
    • M317F (2017)
  • Caterpillar Track Excavators
    • 313F L 
    • 315F L (2017) 
    • 316F L (2017) 
    • 318F L (2017) 
    • 320 
    • 320 GC 
    • 320F L (2017) 
    • 325F L (2017) 
    • 323F LN 
    • 323F SA 
    • 323F LN
  • Doosan Track Excavators
    • DX140 LC 
    • DX140LCR-5 
    • DX140LC-5 
    • DX180LC-5
  • Doosan Wheel Loader
    • DL200-5
  • Hyundai Track Excavators
    • HX140L
    • HX145LCR
    • HX160L
    • HX180L

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Off-Highway Tuning Coverage Expanded Again

HAUL MORE! J-Ball Electronics tuning for Off-Highway Equipment including agriculture, construction, demolition, logging, paving, pipelining and more!

Our R&D staff are constantly developing tuning for new machines and engines. We are now able to tune the following Tier 4 Final agricultural and construction equipment:

Cat C4.4 / Perkins 1204F

  • Cat Dozers
  • Cat Excavators
  • Cat Loaders
  • Cat Pavers
  • Doosan Excavators (140-180 size)
  • Hyundai Excavators (130-180 size)


  • Case Dozers
  • Case/New Holland Ag


  • Case Excavators (130-750 size)
  • Hitachi Excavators (130-870 size)
  • Kobelco Excavators (140-350 size)
  • Link Belt Excavators (130-380 size)


  • Doosan Articulated Dump Trucks
  • Doosan Excavators (300-530 size)
  • Doosan Wheel Loaders (200-550 size)
  • Hyundai Wheel Loaders
  • Powerscreen Aggregate Equipment
  • Terex Articulated Dump Truck
  • and more!

Call J-Ball Electronics toll-free 1-855-326-8863 to discuss the tuning options available for your agricultural and construction equipment.

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Critical Dimsport Software Update Alert

J-Ball Electronics Dimsport Tuning Tools owners will need to update their Flash Point and DS Manager programs due to new SSL certificates being issued on the Dimsport network resulting in connection errors.

Critical Update January 31, 2020 - FlashPoint Connection Error

The updated Flash Point software has been available since February 3, 2020 but the Dimsport website download link currently is in a redirect loop so please contact J-Ball Electronics for the updated files or to have us log in to update your software.

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Dimsport Tuning Tools

Dimsport is the industry leader in ECM Tuning Tools. At J-Ball Electronics we’ve used Dimsport tools in the shop for years to tune all makes and models of ECMs.

We stock the NewGenius handheld ECM programmer and the NewTrasdata for programming directly on the ECM if you’re looking for tools to expand your tuning business.

NewGenius connects to the diagnostic port of commercial trucks, heavy equipment, marine, powersports and automotive vehicles to perform ECM tuning.

NewGenius tuning via the diagnostic port.

NewTrasdata is used for ECMs that don’t have a programming line through the diagnostic port. For these ECMs a breakout harness is used to connect directly to the ECM harness or the ECM is opened for programming directly on the ECM chip.

NewTrasdata programming directly on the ECM main board.

Contact us for more information about Dimsport tuning products.

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Tuning Price Rollback – Save 18 to 30%

Save up to 30% on ECM Tuning for Commercial Truck and Heavy Equipment

For 2020 J-Ball Electronics has rolled back prices on custom ECM tuning for commercial trucks and heavy equipment 18 to 30%.

At J-Ball Electronics our motivation has always been to provide unmatched products and services to help truckers and equipment owners run reliably, save fuel and earn more at the end of the day. Our custom ECM tuning services deliver more power, better fuel efficiency and reliability that you can count on day in and day out to get the job done.

We’ve heard a lot of stories over the years of people who’ve had engine problems after being tuned by another tuner. With a J-Ball tune you can count on your engine running reliably because our 15+ years of experience goes into every tune we provide to optimize performance while keeping your engine within the design parameters set out by the engine manufacturer.

No matter the type of work you do with your truck or equipment we can tune your heavy duty turbo diesel to run reliably and cut down your fuel bill. Call J-Ball Electronics toll-free at 1-855-326-8863 today to start saving.