TEXA TXT Multihub Off-Highway Essential Cable Case

USD $1,610.00


***NEW*** in 2023 now that TEXA is no longer shipping the old Navigator TXTs diagnostic adapter, this new case is updated with power supply cables for the NEW TXT Multihub adapter and as a bonus it’s $333 cheaper than the old cable case.

NOTE: If you have the TEXA Navigator TXT diagnostic adapter you need this version of the cable case (part # S049C8)

The Off-Highway Essential Cable Case is designed to cover the most common off-highway construction vehicles in the North American market.

This Essential Cable Case includes:

Tech Tip: when you receive your cable case the power supply cables will be in the corner pockets and the diagnostic cables will be ordered from the lowest number to the highest number to try to make it easier to find everything at a glance.


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