TEXA Bobcat Cable (T58A)

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The TEXA Bobcat Cable (T58A) connects to Bobcat construction equipment to perform diagnosis of Auxiliary control unit, Chassis equipment and design, Gateway, Instrument Panel, Multi-function display, Steering wheel electronics and Traction Control.


  • TEXA calls for the use of the Kubota (T55), Bobcat/Doosan Cable (T63) or Yanmar (T65) for engine and aftertreatment diagnosis depending on the year/make/model of equipment.
  • The T58 cable was revised in 2021 so TEXA asks if you’re using the T58 or the T58A cable.

This cable’s part # is 3911482 but it’s commonly called the T58A cable. This cable is available as part of the Navigator TXTs Off-Highway Cable Case (part # SO49C8)¬†and the ***NEW*** TXT Multihub Off-Highway Cable Case (part# SO49C8)

This cable requires the use of the Truck & Off-Highway Power Supply and Adapter Kit (part # 3905031) to connect to the Navigator TXTs diagnostic adapter to perform a diagnosis.

TEXA Bobcat CE Cable (T58) Instructions

An example of instructions provided by TEXA when the T58 Bobcat cable is called for to perform a diagnosis.

Additional information

Weight .21 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in


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