TuneTap Fleet Tuner

For service shops, fleets and custom tuners, a simple yet powerful handheld ECU/ECM programmer that communicates through OBDII or vehicle specific diagnostic connectors. No computer is needed to read/write to the ECM so you can take your TuneTap to the field to download programming from the vehicle then return later to load your custom tunes.


  • Stores up to 1000 vehicle tunes.
  • Simple touch screen programming and mapping interface.
  • Read and program an unlimited number of ECU/ECM.
  • More than just a black box, you design build the custom tune using an easy step by step process.
  • Data validation through checksum integrity checks ensures your program works, even if the data transfer is interrupted.
  • Avoid costly mistakes, TuneTap walks through the tuning process to prevent incorrect settings that could harm the engine.
  • Upload performance tunes from custom tuning shops.
  • Reset fault codes.

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