Jumbo 3D Aligner update to 6 Axles, Frame Alignment

Manatec Jumbo 3D, the world’s first 3D wheel aligner for multi-axle trucks and buses is now upgraded to simultaneously align up to 6 axles. This allows for a greater variety of axle and truck/trailer configurations to be aligned at once without moving the vehicle or alignment targets from axle to axle.

Jumbo 3D Commercial Wheel Alignment system can align up to 6 axles at once over a total length of 19m (62.5').

Through the use of four 10 megapixel cameras, Manatec Jumbo 3D provides greater range and higher resolution for greater accuracy. The system is now capable of measuring truck and trailer combinations up to 19m (62.5′) length.

Another new feature in Jumbo 3D is Frame Based Alignment.

Figure 1 – The center line of a truck chassis (A) is parked away from the Geometric center line (B), the thrust line of the drive axle has been misaligned (C) to a different direction.

Figure 2 – With help of a Frame Reference Gauge, take input reference from the frame at four positions. Preferable locations are near F1 (steer axle) and B2 (drive axle). Capture readings at all four positions, the software will automatically calculate the frame center line angle.

Figure 3 – Adjust the drive axle thrust line towards the chassis center line. After correction of the drive axle the remaining axles are to be aligned to the thrust angle.

Figure 4 – Now all axles are aligned to the frame/chassis.

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