TEXA Quick Service

Quick Service Diagnostic Maintenance ToolAn affordable solution for commercial truck service, Quick Service is designed to perform regular maintenance checks quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

Diagnostic Features:

  • Read and Clear Fault Codes
  • Modify Standard Parameters
  • Perform Diagnostic Tests
  • Force DPF Regeneration

The Quick Service kit comes in a customized Pelican case that includes everything needed to diagnose commercial trucks.

What is included:

  • Quick Service Maintenance Software
  • 8” Rugged Tablet with Charging Dock
  • Navigator TXT Pass-thru Adapter
  • OBDII and 9 Pin Deutsch Cables
  • Pelican Case

Quick Service provides many of the same diagnostic tests of the full IDC5 Truck diagnostic software, including important aftertreatment diagnosis, tests and resets.

We’ve got your back
Help is just a click or call away. Online technical support is provided by TEXA North America, customized training and toll-free phone support is provided by J-Ball Electronics.

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