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NOTE: in 2022 a new Micro USB HASP key (part# 3911050) replaced this version of the HASP Key which reduces the chance of damage when the key is in use. Product photos show the Micro USB and full size HASP Keys.

The TEXA HASP Key comes with every new TEXA diagnostic kit, the HASP Key contains the authentication codes for your TEXA diagnostic software. The HASP Key must be installed in a USB port on your laptop/tablet for the TEXA software to function.


If you try to run TEXA without the HASP Key inserted in the USB port you will receive a HW key not detected error dialog.

In the event the HASP Key is damage or lost, you may purchase a replacement key from J-Ball Electronics. When you receive the new HASP Key it must be inserted into a USB port on your computer with your computer online so TEXA can remote in to assign your licenses to the new key. This process can take a day or more depending on your time zone relative to TEXA’s time zone.

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