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Mike Rae

Serving the BC Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Washington State

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J-Ball Electronics is an industry leader in ECM Tuning with 15 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers.
ECM tuning delivers better horsepower and torque, reduced fuel consumption and improved reliability. Truckers and heavy equipment owners see big savings on their diesel fuel bills and more importantly keep trucks and equipment working instead of experiencing derates and expensive visits to the dealer.
When it is time to service your heavy duty diesel equipment we have a range of diagnostic and tuning tools to read DTC fault codes and perform dealer level configuration and commands including:

  • Identifying fault codes
  • Perform service routines
  • Configure replacement components
  • Adjust and set parameters
  • Perform stationary regens
  • Perform cylinder cut-out tests
Mike Rae - J-Ball Electronics ECM Tuning and Diagnostic Tools Sales in BC Lower Mainland and Washington StateCall Mike today – 604-616-2621
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