Diesel ECM Emission Tuning for EGR/DPF/DEF Systems

Is your EGR/DPF/DEF emission system letting you down?

Are you tired of spending more time at the repair shop than you do working?

We can tune the EGR/DPF/DEF on your emission controlled diesel engine via custom ECM tuning. Eliminate downtime, continually adding DEF fluid and stop changing out DPF units, EGR cooler, valves, turbos, etc.

The tuning will result in your engine running better, not only in performance but it will also save you fuel. Truckers experience an average fuel savings of 1/2 MPG and up to 3 MPG. Heavy equipment owners reduce fuel consumption 5% to 20%. You will also notice better engine performance and reduced turbo wear.

We have a number of EGR cooler and valve plug kits and DPF (no ceramic filter) mufflers so you can remove those parts and put them on the shelf where they won’t give you headaches any more.

Emission tuning your ECM can be done at your local authorized J-Ball Dealer, online with a diagnostic laptop or by sending your ECM to us.

J-Ball tuning comes with a 1 year warranty or upgrade to a 3 year warranty and ask about our DPF replacement canisters and tuning bundles that include tuning, DPF replacement canister and 3 year warranty.

Please be advised that any truck modifications outside OEM specifications will void warranties, and as the customer you take full responsibility for all costs incurred as such. The customer must be aware of all operational requirements for legal use in their jurisdiction. The customer hereby waives all legal rights and understands J-Ball Electronics, its employees, sub-contractors and business associates will not be held liable for any reason.

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