Custom ECM Tuning for Diesel Engines

Are you tired of spending more time at the dealership or repair shops than on the road? Custom tuning your ECM can reduce or eliminate downtime while increasing horsepower and torque with noticeable improvements in performance and throttle response. ECM Tuning also delivers improved fuel efficiency as a tuned ECM lets you turn down RPMs to do the same task or lets you pull higher gears up hills and cuts down on grabbing gears to climb hills.

ECM Tuning for most makes of trucks, construction and agriculture equipment.

In the age of multi-national corporations and globalization, your truck or equipment likely uses the same diesel engine as other makes and models of equipment. Manufacturers make small changes to the components on the engine and programming of the ECM but there are still significant improvements to power and efficiency through ECM tuning.
J-Ball Electronics has a one year no quibble warranty on all ECM tuning and ask about the 3 year warranty on our Custom Tuning Bundle.
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J-Ball Electronics is a leader in the ECM Tuning and Diesel Diagnostic Scanner and Tool industry with over 45 years in the trucking business. Call our knowledgeable technical staff toll-free at 1-855-326-8863 for more information.