Dimsport Tuning Tools

Dimsport is the industry leader in ECM Tuning Tools. At J-Ball Electronics we’ve used Dimsport tools in the shop for years to tune all makes and models of ECMs.

We stock the NewGenius handheld ECM programmer and the NewTrasdata for programming directly on the ECM if you’re looking for tools to expand your tuning business.

NewGenius connects to the diagnostic port of commercial trucks, heavy equipment, marine, powersports and automotive vehicles to perform ECM tuning.

NewGenius tuning via the diagnostic port.

NewTrasdata is used for ECMs that don’t have a programming line through the diagnostic port. For these ECMs a breakout harness is used to connect directly to the ECM harness or the ECM is opened for programming directly on the ECM chip.

NewTrasdata programming directly on the ECM main board.

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