TEXA Truck 47 with Off-Line Mode

Thanks to J-Ball customers for using iSupport to vote for the development of Off-Line Mode for TEXA diagnostic software. TEXA Truck 47 now allows up to 5 activations over a 2 day period, at that time TEXA needs to be connected to the internet to download more activations.

Check Off-Line Mode status in two places: the left menu bar on the Diagnosis page or along the top row when performing a diagnosis.

Click the Special Code link to check Off-Line Mode status
Click the Lock icon to check Off-line status
Click the Update button to download more activations and extend expiration date

Off-Line Mode is a huge help for mobile mechanics and remote worksites. Let us know if this works for you or if you need more activations or a longer expiry date.

TEXA has been very responsive to customer input so share your feedback with us or via iSupport.