Using TEXA Quick Service on J1708 Trucks

TEXA Quick Service is a cost effective tool for performing diagnostic tests and service routines for commercial trucks.
The Quick Service kit comes with a 8″ rugged tablet, a Pelican case with custom cutouts, the TEXA Navigator TXTs, and OBDII and 9 Pin Deutsch cables. If you have trucks with 6 Pin Deutsch diagnostic ports we can swap out the 9 Pin Deutsch to OBDII cable (TEXA part number 3905786) for the North American Truck Cable (TEXA part number 3906978).
Quick Service can connect to older trucks/ECMs that use the J1708 protocol

TEXA Quick Service using 6 Pin Deutsch to connect to Cummins Celect Plus ECM

Quick Service will connect using the 6 Pin Deutsch cable to Cummins Celect and Celect Plus ECMs on the truck and on the bench. Diagnostic tests include: Cylinder cut-off, Engine state monitoring, Error clearing and Reading speed limiter.

Quick Service kits are available through our Demo Program. A 2 week demo is free of charge with a $1,500 security deposit and $100-200 overnight shipping. Call 1-855-326-8863 today for more information and to join the Quick Service Demo Program.