Commercial Tire Prices Going Up – How is Your Alignment?

Bridgestone, Cooper, Goodyear, Kumho Tire and Michelin have announced commercial truck tire price increases between 3-10% to go into effect by year end. Representatives for the companies cite increased costs for oil and other raw materials used in the production of synthetic rubber for the price increase.
Annual tire expenses average $1,000 to $4,000 for most truckers. The implications of a badly aligned truck can range from serious safety issues including tire blowouts and loss of control to increased expenses for tires, suspension components, increase fuel costs and may make your truck difficult to drive.
Keep your truck rolling as efficiently as possible with an annual wheel alignment. A best practice is to include a wheel alignment as part of your truck’s annual inspection. The cost of the alignment is usually less than the cost of a single retread tire and will save you money mile after mile.

J-Ball Electronics is proud to represent Manatec Wheel Alignment tools, the only commercial wheel alignment tool capable of aligning up to 5 axles in a single setup. Manatec’s patented 4 camera system performs single roll runout compensation of 5 axles and castor swing in minutes.
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