Tune International ECMs on the Truck

TuneTap ECM Tuning Kit
ECM tuning is now available on the truck for International N14, MX13 and MX 15 engines as well as Cat CT13 and CT15 engines.
Using our TuneTap Tuning Kit connect to the ECM via the truck’s diagnostic port to download the engine’s calibration file. At this point you’ve gathered the info needed to tune the engine and can send the truck back out on the road while you wait for the modified tune file from J-Ball Electronics.
In addition to saving the time of removing the ECM from the truck, TuneTap Tuning Kits come with a $520 rebate for each of your first five tunes for a total rebate of $2,600!
Visit the TuneTap page or call 1-855-326-8863 for more information.

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