Beware of Nexiq USB-Link 2 Clones

Not All Nexiq USB-Link 2 Devices Are Created Equal
A customer was having trouble getting their new Nexiq to connect to trucks and their diagnostic software. While troubleshooting the problem with our customer they explained they had purchased a second Nexiq USB-Link 2 online so they could work on more trucks but this new Nexiq wasn’t working properly.
Unable to troubleshoot the issue remotely we asked if they could send in both Nexiq devices for further testing. Upon receipt of the two Nexiq devices we saw the new Nexiq was a bad copy of the original that didn’t measure up to the real thing, in fact it didn’t do anything more than show a power light.
We wanted to see what was going on inside, on the left is the real Nexiq USB-Link 2 and on the right is an imitation Nexiq USB-Link 2 purchased online.
Nexiq USB-Link 2 comparison vs imitation brand purchased online.
There are a number of visible differences between the real Nexiq on the left and the copy including:

  • Decal place 180 degrees to real Nexiq
  • Decal icons smaller
  • Status lights in different order
  • Cables (not shown) weren’t of the same quality as originals
  • Circuit board considerably different

Unfortunately if you can’t see a photo of the product to see the subtle differences you’ll only be able to tell once you have received the device and try to use it. The imitation Nexiq wouldn’t connect to trucks or the diagnostic software being used, all it ever did was indicate power was connected to the device.
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