Subscriptions, The Hidden Costs of Diagnostic Tools

A shop or mobile mechanic is only as good as their diagnostic scan tool on today’s ECM controlled trucks and equipment. Shopping for a diesel diagnostic scan tool can be a time-consuming process because of the large range of tools on the market, each with their own hardware and cable options and license types. Annual subscription costs are often overlooked when shopping for a diesel laptop.
TEXA Diagnostic Tools performing a parked DPF regenerationUpdates allow your tool to connect to new model year trucks and equipment as diagnostic tests are developed. Some diagnostic tools include an update subscription for the first year with the purchase of the diagnostic scan tool.
Here are three important questions to ask before purchasing your diesel diagnostic software and tools:

What is the annual subscription fee?
Some tools will have a lower cost of entry but place a higher cost on the annual subscription to make them more cost competitive at purchase time. Always ask what the annual subscription fee is and do the math to see if the ongoing cost of one tool is going to make it cost more than another tool.

Does the tool work without a subscription?
The more insidious type of subscription is one that requires an active subscription to use your tool. There are a number of tools on the market that stop working when you don’t have an active subscription, turning your diagnostic scan tool into one of the most expensive paperweights you’ve ever owned.

TEXA diagnostic tools don’t require an active subscription to work. TEXA’s subscription services provide technical support and updates for new trucks and equipment as they are developed.

Are there skip fees if your subscription lapses?
So you’ve let your subscription lapse and now your tool isn’t working but you want to get it going again. Some diagnostic tools will charge for all updates missed since your last subscription, plus their annual subscription fee.

TEXA diagnostic scan tools don’t have any subscription skip fees. Paying the annual subscription fee brings your tool up to date, no matter how long your subscription has been inactive.

If your business or fleet hasn’t added any new model year equipment you will have access to all the diagnostic tests you need for your trucks/equipment so why pay for a subscription?

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