Laptops & Truck Diagnostic Software

Whether you are a truck driver, trucking company or repair shop you need the ability to quickly diagnose problems with your equipment. Save yourself thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs by diagnosing the problem, quickly, yourself.

We sell custom diagnostic software compatible with most major on highway brands. You can read fault codes, change parameters like your speed limiter, do engine diagnostic tests and calibrate sensors and turbo controls. This is a must have for anyone with a commercial diesel tractor.

For pricing details on separate equipment please contact us.

The J-Ball diagnostic laptop kit includes:

  • A brand new Panasonic Toughbook with Windows Pro 7.
  • A Nexiq USB Link 2 diagnostic adapter – hardware required to connect to diagnostic port on your Cummins or Detroit tractor.
  • Custom diagnostic software (completely custom to suit your needs and brands).

Quit spending thousands of dollars going to the dealerships, save hundreds of man-hours diagnosing problems, and put your savings back into your pocket! This kit will allow you to connect via the internet with our technicians who can connect to your laptop remotely using TeamViewer to perform custom tuning through your ECM/engine.